Greetings to the tournament participants
Innoprom Golf Challenge 2017
Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia
D. V. Manturov
On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and on my own behalf, I am happy to welcome the participants, guests, and organizers of INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE 2017, arranged as part of the INNOPROM International Industrial Trade Fair.

For the second year in a row, Pine Creek Golf Resort—the first and only facility in the Urals with an 18-hole course and world-class infrastructure—is hosting this tournament.

There are no doubts that golf has already become more than just a sport: it is now an integral part of life in the international business community. Now, we can say it is becoming a tradition in Russia as well, because for us the INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE is really an innovative format for business communication, which set the tone last year by uniting over 200 business leaders from 50 different countries on the Pine Greek course.

The Tournament is supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, as our Ministry is focused on creating favorable conditions to consolidate business relations and develop trade relations both inside and outside the country. We are convinced that the informal communication during this unhurried, yet enthusiastic golf walk guarantees both qualitative and stable business dealings.

I wish all participants and guests of the INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE the best of luck! Make smart decisions and always shoot your best, whether in golf or in business!

D. V. Manturov
Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia

Acting governor of Sverdlovsk Region Ye. V. Kuyvashev
I am happy to officially welcome the participants, guests, and organizers of INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE 2017!

For the second year in a row, Sverdlovsk Region plays host to this important sporting and business event. This goes to show conclusively that our region is the perfect venue for tournaments of the highest caliber.

The only professional golf course in the Urals, Pine Creek Golf Resort, is among the most important sporting and tourist facilities of the region. It contributes to the popularization of an active lifestyle, the development of domestic and international tourism, and the improvement of the investment appeal of Sverdlovsk Region.

I would like to thank Pine Creek Golf Resort for all the careful attention they pay to training young golfers and promoting the sport among the younger generation. The Children's School of Golf located in your resort is bringing up the next generation of future professionals.

According to the decision of the International Olympic Committee, golf is once again included in the Olympic's athletic program. This means that Sverdlovsk golfers have a wonderful opportunity to honorably represent their region on the global athletic stage.

In addition to exclusive projects, Pine Greek also regularly supports charitable causes, for example the Verkhotursk orphan asylum. I am proud the organizers decided to arrange the tournaments as a charitable event and transfer all raised funds directly to this orphanage. Therefore, INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE is more than just a unique platform for informal business communication but also an environment of good deeds for a more sustainable business world.

I wish all Tournament participants good weather, an even better game, and that all their efforts meet with success!

Ye. V. Kuyvashev
Acting governor of Sverdlovsk Region

President of the Russian Golf Association V. B. Khristenko
Dear golfers, guests, and participants of the Tournament:

The INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE at Pine Creek Golf Resort in Yekaterinburg on the eve of the annual INNOPROM-2017 Industrial Trade Fair is already a well-loved tradition.

The Tournament may be young, but it has tremendous potential for development. The INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE format is designed to unite representatives of key authorities and large enterprises as members of a single team and provide them a friendly platform for communication. Because golf is not just a sport or part of a healthy and productive lifestyle: golf is a special cultural environment, a wonderful leisure activity, and a smart and honest game.
After finishing up a good round, even strangers can become friends. An enthusiastic atmosphere in combination with gentlemanly traditions facilitates the development of steady partnership relations. This side of golf is very important for today's business and political environments.

Many of you endorsed our initiative in 2016 when golf was once again deemed an Olympic sport, and now you are supporting us again in 2017, when the popularity of the sport is rapidly increasing thanks to this hallowed international event. The range of international golf tournaments is expanding, golf is developing quickly all over the world, and the number of people interested in our beloved game grows every day. The hosting of INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE is a step in this direction.

The Russian Golf Association pays special attention to juniors as well. We invite young players, members of the junior national team, and participants of the "Dream Team" Association project to take part in the tournament. Many of them have already won prizes in Russian and international competitions and are always looking for ways to improve their skills.
Golf unites. This is the sport's most unique feature.

Good luck to all participants and guests of the Tournament. See you all at the INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE!

V. B. Khristenko
President of the Russian Golf Association

President of Pine Creek Golf Resort O. V. Kustikov
On behalf of Pine Creek Golf Resort and myself, I am happy to welcome you to the INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE tournament. We are truly honored to host our dear Russian and international guests!

This wonderful tradition to play a round of golf before the opening of the INNOPROM International Industrial Trade Fair began last year. Now for the second year in a row, Tournament participants will once again play here at Pine Creek Golf Resort on an 18-hole course meeting all international standard. Players and guests of the event can appreciate the work of famous English golf architect Paul Thomas, whose portfolio, along with the Ural golf resort, includes over one hundred courses all over the world.

This year, the Ural course will be visited by stars of the golf world—professionals of the European Tour—for the first time ever. The Tournament will be held in the ProAm Net Birdie format, and each flight will include 3 amateurs and 1 professional golfer. This means that for the first time ever the INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE will host truly star-spangled ProAm teams!

In addition to participation in the team competition, the invited professionals will also compete against one another for prize money totaling EUR 175,000. The battle of professional golfers for this significant winners pot will make INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE 2017 tournament even more spectacular and important for the global golf calendar.

This year, INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE will serve as not just a platform for friendly communication between businesses and the authorities but also a perfect venue for young and prospective Russian golfers to further their professional growth. We invited the "Dream Team"—the best juniors of the Russian national team—to come join us. They will assist teams during the tournament and the day before, and the European Tour professional will arrange a special workshop for them. All this will be a great experience in the training process of Russian junior golfers.

Golf instills a positive partnership culture, where golfers play "with" people, not "against" people. I am certain this kind of approach will guarantee the success of the INNOPROM-2017 International Industrial Trade Fair!

We are very much looking forward to meeting all INNOPROM GOLF CHALLENGE 2017 guests and participants on the course!

O. V. Kustikov
President of Pine Creek Golf Resort

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